City of North Vancouver

The City of North Vancouver is a waterfront municipality on the North Shore with over 48,000 residents. We provided several key analysis, design and implementation components for an asset management and workflow management system at the City of North Vancouver.
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The City of North Vancouver required an asset management system that would efficiently manage the City’s transportation assets. In particular, the City wanted to optimize routes by identifying the location of each vehicle, optimizing fuel usage and routes. We used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to calculate and optimize route information. From there, data was integrated with the City’s PeopleSoft systems. In addition, we integrated the City’s online license payment system with Moneris, a point of sale payment processor.


The main challenges of the asset management system and payment integration projects were two-fold: a. understand how to better economize on the City’s transportation costs by optimizing routes; and b. provide a more convenient payment architecture and system to citizens by accepting secure online payments.


The final solution provided the city with an ability to optimize routes, decrease the cost associated with transportation and improve efficiencies associated with license payments.

Type: Web Application

Industry: Government

Methodology: Agile

Team Size: 2 Developers

Duration: 4 Months

Current Status: Completed sub-contract project

Technologies: .NET, Oracle GIS, ASP.NET, C#, PeopleSoft, Hansen System